Pre & Post Production Services


Pre-production allows us to develop ideas, concepts & goals and translate them into proper documentation, schedules, and plans to ensure the success of your video.

Post production is where the mood, emotion, storytelling, and ultimately the power of video comes to life. Video Post Production is how everything comes together.

Video Editing

Video editing is where the footage shot from a production is structured and built into an actual film or video that can command an audience's attention and present a message.

Motion Graphics

We provide TV quality motion graphics to productions that demand that extra level of quality. Lower thirds, text animation, Motion Logos etc. We use after effects to create an animated graphical world for your videos.

Audio Mastering and Audio Design

At Arthur Vision, we take every step of production seriously. That means that all the elements that go into making great videos are utilized. Audio mastering and sound design is an important, but often-overlooked step. Audio mastering is a subtle art but it can make all the difference in the final video production.

It is difficult for someone to know the benefit of audio mastering unless they are able to compare the final sound mix with the original audio. In a nutshell, audio mastering makes the audio crisper, it mixes the music and sound effect properly, and it cleans up hums, buzzes, and unwanted sounds. Most of all, audio mastering adds power and life to the video by adding sounds and frequencies like low base, that were never there in the first place. Sound design, just like video editing, is considered an invisible art because when you are focused on the content and story of a video and everything sounds completely natural, the sound designer did what they were suppose to do.

Colour Correction

The look of a final video or film is very important to the overall feel and emotion that is transmitted to an audience. A big part of a film or video's look comes from the color choices that the director chooses to utilize. Our editors specialize in color correction and color timing to ensure the mood and feel of the videos we produce match the goals of our clients.

Color correction includes the following techniques:

  • Matching and correcting the white balance of shots in scenes so they look more natural.
  • Correcting to be broadcast safe by managing the blacks, whites and saturation levels so that they remain within TV specs and standards.
  • Brightening, saturating, replacing or modifying colors, contrast, gamma curves, hue and saturation to create a certain mood or color profile for a video scene.

Narration and Voiceover

We provide professional voice-over and narration services for your video project. We have a talent pool of more than 50 diverse and high quality voice-over artists to choose from, which means that we can find the right voice for your production. From smooth corporate and conversational documentary voice-overs to epic movie trailer voice-overs, we will find the best "voice" to represent your company and/or video project.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring

The authoring stage is a way to create an interactive experience on DVD or Bluray for your viewers. An authored DVD allows the user to navigate through motion menus, watch the full video and also skip to specific chapter points. Authoring a DVD or Bluray creates an impression that makes your presentation that much more memorable, professional, and streamline.


Some factors than can determine the overall production budget are:

Type of Video

Some videos require more crew and even actors in order to capture the right amount and the right mixture of content. An example being that you can cover a band performing over and over again with one camera from different angles in the luxury of a studio but if it is a live concert, you will need multiple cameras and additional crew to capture the video because you cannot go back if you want options of different angles to cut to.

Client Vision

The client may want a video that looks higher budget and would like to incorporate some smooth steadicam or crane shots along with some higher-end 3D elements and motion graphic effects. Bringing specialized equipment will increase the production value but at the same time it will also require a larger budget in order to rent the gear and hire additional crew.

Number of Shooting Days

Many companies including us offer half-day and full-day rates on crew along with full-day rental rates for video production equipment. Certain videos can be shot in one full-day but some may require multiple days, weeks, and even months of shooting in order to capture the proper content. The number of shooting days along with the number of days required to edit the entire film is a large factors that will determine the budget of the production.

CScript Writing

Script writing is an important part of the pre-production process. The script takes all ideas and puts them into a tangible document that will act as a blueprint for the video production. Not all videos require a script however, and some videos such as documentaries and event videos can be produced alone with an organized guideline and plan. Some of our clients already have an idea & script that they would like us to work with and some have no script at all. Whatever the case, we can take your current script and revise it or we can create a new script from an initial concept.

Location Scouting

For certain types of video productions a location scout may be necessary. A location scout ensures that we are fully aware of the location we will be filming at prior to arriving on set with our crew and camera equipment. It allows us to plan the shoot accordingly and also allows us to observe and foresee any challenges that may arise during shooting. For example: During a location scout we may find that a noisy furnace keeps turning on and off which would pose an audio recording challenge or perhaps the current room will not allow for a camera crane because the ceiling is too low. With these situations in mind ahead of time we can find a viable solution that will ensure a successful shoot.

Some of our clients have set budgets for us to work within while other clients do not have a set budget and are looking for pricing and budget options that they can compare. Whatever your case may be we would be happy to put together a quote based on a fixed budget or provide a quote with several pricing options to choose from based on your vision & wish-list.

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